Hobby Lobby runs full page 'Christ the Lord' ad in newspapers

Hobby Lobby has run a full-page ad celebrating Christmas in newspapers all across America. The ad was a simple blue background with light text and said "It's a boy" on the top/middle section of the image. The bottom included words from the scripture of Luke 2:11, which state “Today in the town of David a savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord.”

This ad might have faced controversy from some people who don't celebrate the holiday or are not religious. However, this company does celebrate Christmas and is religious, so this is the direction and message they wished to deliver across the holidays.

Hobby Lobby also stated on their website a message about the ad:
As with previous ads, Hobby Lobby partners with Need Him Ministry to invite anyone who would like to know Jesus as Lord and Savior to contact chataboutjesus.com. The ad also offers a free Bible for mobile devices at mardel.com/bible.
Since 1997, holiday messages have appeared in local papers in each town where Hobby Lobby has a store. With the addition of social media, many more thousands of people view and share the hope-filled messages.
Steve Green, President of Hobby Lobby, tells the story of the company’s history of publishing holiday ads in his book Faith in America.

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Michael Foust from Christian Headlines reported that this isn't the first time Hobby Lobby has utilized this type of ad. They've been doing it for quite a while. However, it's only now, in these controversial times, that we might find someone truly complaining about it. In days of the past, people who didn't like Christmas would simply pay no mind to it. Nowadays, you might find protesters or complaints on social media.

Foust wrote:

The first Christmas ad ran in 1997. Hobby Lobby’s website includes images of each holiday ad from the past two decades.

Hobby Lobby founder David Green came up with the concept for the ads during the 1995 Christmas season.

“Green was reading the Christmas advertisements, including those for his own store, and he felt commissioned by God to do something different,” Hobby Lobby’s website says. “Hobby Lobby was selling all kinds of crafts that customers used to celebrate Christmas, yet David Green was struck by the lack of any testimony in newspapers regarding the meaning of the holiday.

“... Before long, Hobby Lobby was placing beautiful full-page ads celebrating the real meaning of Christmas, Easter and Independence Day in newspapers across the country. The impact and relevancy of these messages is (sic) ongoing, so we post them here for your enjoyment.”

Hope your holidays are great, everyone!

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