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Home Depot Fired 70-Year-Old Veteran For Protecting Their Store

Jim Tinney is a 70 military veteran who was fired from his job at Home Depot for making an attempt to stop shoplifters. Mr. Tinney saw three men carrying tool sets worth thousands of dollars. They looked nervous as they walked around the store before they eventually tried to steal the materials.

One of the three men then yelled "let's go" just before storming out of the store. That's when Tinney threw a paint roller extension in front of one of the men in hopes to stop him or slow him down.

Tinney was trained in the Army, so it was almost like a natural reaction to do something good and protect his store from losing property. Unfortunately the men got away with the stolen merchandise and Tinney was fired. But he wasn't fired because the men got away, he was fired because he tried to stop them and that's apparently against the store policy.

People are ANGRY that this gentleman who had only good intentions has been fired and they are firing back at the Home Depot who let him go.

A 70-year-old veteran of the U.S. Military, Jim Tinney, was fired from the Home Depot in Pearland, TX, two weeks after trying to stop three thieves from robbing the home improvement megastore.


Like many companies, Home Depot has a policy against trying to stop shoplifters out of their supposed concern for the safety of its employees, but Mr. Tinney said that it was a natural reaction — especially for someone who was military-trained — he really needs (and enjoys) the job and that he thinks a reprimand would have been sufficient, rather than firing the former army veteran.

Mr. Tinney told WWSB that he saw three men carrying tool sets worth thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise and were looking nervous:

Two weeks after the incident Mr. Tinney was fired from his job for attempting to stop the thieves from stealing thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment.


Home Depot has a policy against its employers attempting to stop any shoplifters. This policy is in effect for the safety of employers. Home Depot doesn't want their employees to be injured in a fight or attack if they confront a violent criminal. It's a good policy to have, but we're not sure it warrants being fired in this particular incident where no one was injured and Tinney didn't confront them personally or physically - he just tossed an item their way in hopes it would slow them or stop them.

Tinney never dreamed his actions would get him fired from the one job he loves and needs. It's believed that a reprimand would have been better than a firing. He admits that he was told during training that he was not to confront shoplifters and now he faces problems finding a new job.

This is a very sad ending for a man attempting to do a good deed. 

Tinney's actions were completely unplanned and it was an instant reaction to stop the shoplifters and we think that he maybe could have a "talking to" from management about how he should not ever do that again. He's 70 and fought for his country, we should take care of him.

Most people would stand back and watch shoplifters steal. Most people don't intervene because they might be nervous and there's usually no reason to risk your personal safety to stop people stealing from a store. Tinney thought about protecting his store and doing the right thing and he's facing the consequences. Maybe next time he'll let shoplifters get away with it. And why not? He's not losing anything and there's no thankfulness involved. May as well let it happen and let the store cope with the loss.

It's sad that he is struggling to find a new job because of his recent firing. You would think someone would see what he did to help a company and would give him a chance.

I really hope he finds a good job again.

How would you feel if you were fired for trying to protect your store?

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