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Home Invasion Suspect Gets JACKED UP Bigly For His Crime

A bunch of friends were hanging out when an alleged armed intruder busted into their Tennessee apartment. Turns out that was the wrong southern apartment to break into! If you haven't noticed by now, the home invasion suspect has the black eye of the century and it's apparently from only two punches. The guy who punched him must have iron fists like primal Mike Tyson to bust open his face that bad!

This dudes face looks like he ran into a full swing from a 9-iron held by Tiger Woods. Nope! Just got his butt kicked when his crime failed.

Come on dude, there's better ways to make money. Crime is a short term goal. Starting a business is a lifelong luxury!

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The alleged victims, speaking to WRCB, said they had never met 22-year-old Calvin Carter III before he knocked on their Chattanooga front door around 11:30 p.m. and demanded to be let inside. 

“It sounded like he was messing with a gun,” 19-year-old Shane Feeney told the local news station. “So I came back and I was like, ‘I don’t know if he is, but it sounds like he’s messing with a gun. I’m going to call the cops.’”

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As the men waited for police to arrive, one man tried to make a run for it out a back window. Carter got wind of the attempted escape, however, and forced the man back inside at gunpoint, according to a police press release obtained by HuffPost.

Once inside, Carter allegedly demanded one of the men’s cellphones. In the process, he was jumped by two people inside the home, who disarmed him and held him until police arrived.

“He kept wrestling with me,” Tucker Williams, who helped hold Carter down, told WRCB. “I was like, ‘You have one more chance, please stop.’ He wouldn’t stop and that’s when I punched him in the eye twice.”

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Carter was arrested on charges of first-degree attempted murder, aggravated assault, felony reckless endangerment and “especially aggravated battery.” Tennessee law defines the latter charge as felony that occurs when someone enters a building with the intent of committing a crime and that “results in any person lawfully on the premises suffering serious bodily injury.”

Let's turn this around the other way. What if the criminal sues the group of guys he tried to invade? What if his eye is busted so bad that they have to remove it and give him a glass eye? Do you think he'll sue the victims and claim the two punches that battered his eye deserve to be punished by the court of the law?

I hope not. If he does sue the victims, then I hope the judge laughs in his face and reminds him that if he wasn't committing a home invasion in the first place, then he wouldn't have gotten his face punched in like a tiger pawing a teddy bear.

As you can see, crime doesn't pay. Go start a business and enjoy possible long term success instead of short term punches in the face for being a pathetic criminal.

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