Homeless Man Helps Stranded Driver, Now She's Paying Him Back Bigtime

One of the most touching and thoughtful stories you'll read all week comes from Kate McClure and her new friend Johnny. Kate was driving into Philadelphia and thought she could make it to her location while the gas light was still on. So there she goes, down I-95, and what do you think happens? Ding ding ding the gas light is on and she's now officially out of gas. 

We can usually make it a few miles with the light on, but her calculations came up wrong that night. That simple mistake would cause her to meet someone extremely inspiring. She pulled over, got out, and tried to find a gas station. That's when Johnny appeared. 


Johnny is homeless and tries to earn money for food and supplies by holding a sign every day. He approached Kate and told her to get in the car and lock the doors and he walked off into the distance. She must have been slightly freaked out by this encounter, but then her night changed for the better. Johnny appeared with a red can filled with gas. He used his last $20 to buy her gas to help her get home.

That was one of the most thoughtful and unselfish things that Kate ever experienced. Now she's paying him back big time. She's made several returns to Johnny's location to give him food, drinks, gift cards to convenience stores, and help make his days brighter as well. But that's not the biggest gift she's given him. She set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for him to have a place to live. Donations are flying in and she's raised over $31,000 of her $10,000 goal.

His simple act of paying it forward has turned into a major act of paying it back. Kate must be so excited to help get Johnny a new home and help him find his way back into the working society.


She has done an amazing thing and we hope you donate to her cause.

If you can't donate to this particular case, then always remember to pay it forward.

Buy someone a coffee at the drive through or do anything you can to share some kindness this holiday season.

Vote now to REMOVE Pelosi from GOVT!

One little gift of giving could turn into a massive heartfelt and life-changing moment for someone else.

Thank you, Kate and Johnny, for this wonderful story.

Here is the GoFundMe link. Please share!

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