Homeless woman makes naughty video with underage boys in public bathroom

A homeless 28-year-old woman, Maria Lynn Baker, has turned herself in for sleeping with two underage boys in a war memorial bathroom in Florida and recording it on video.

Sounds like every boys teenage dream to fornicate a homeless girl in a public bathroom. Or every parent's nightmare to have their children accosted by a pervert.

If we knew she was going to do that, then I have plenty of single friends who would help her produce 50 Shades of Homeless videos.


Judging by her mugshot, she's not too bad looking for a homeless chick. I'm sure there's someone who is over 18 who is willing to let her move in. If she's acting like a Las Vegas call girl, then why not go for the adults? There's men who pay for this. If you've ever seen some of the "pros" in Vegas or Atlantic City, then you know a good number of them are overweight, ugly, and putrid.

This woman is call-girl material, so she could easily do better than picking two boys to play with in her sick fantasy.



PalmBeachPost reports - police officials say 28-year-old Maria Lynn Baker, listed as being homeless, called police on Friday night and expressed her desire to snitch on the juveniles before they snitched on her, though she did not tell police what the boys had done.

When officers went to Baker’s location early Saturday morning, they arrived to find her arguing with another woman, who told police that Baker had been having sex with underage boys. When the woman provided video evidence to police, Baker was arrested and charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery.

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Baker encouraged the officer to arrest her, telling the officer she had planned to go to the jail herself so she could be arrested.

An investigation of the sex allegations led police to believe that Baker had been having sex with two boys, aged 12 to 14, inside the bathroom at the War Memorial in Ocala.

Some people will say this crime is horrible, (and it is) but since the woman is the aggressive one, and the boys still had to put it in her, then the truth of this is that the boys had the time of their life and have the most crazy story to tell their college friends later in life.

You have to wonder if the boys loved every minute of this. If this happened to me, when I was a teenager, then I would probably brag about it to my friends.

I know it's weird, but teenage boys would probably enjoy this. Not to mention, if something goes IN, then they were clearly aroused by it. You can't put it in if it's not up. You guys who had a few too many to drink one night know what I'm talking about.

I'm curious about something. Did she record this on her cell phone? If so, the cell phones usually come with a bill that requires an address. Is she really homeless or living out a fantasy? Or does she live in a car or maybe use a prepaid phone?

If the woman recorded this on her phone, then how does she pay her bill? You can't have NO address on your cell phone bill.

Something is not right with this story. There's definitely information missing.


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