Host on 'The View' suggests Melania was Trump's mistress, Sarah Sanders responds

Hosts on The View were talking about Melania Trump and the interview she had with ABC News Chief National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas. In the interview, she responded to a question about Donald Trump's alleged affairs. She stated that she is "a mother and first lady... and I have much more important things to think about and to do."


The ladies on The View watched that bit of the interview and Yvette Nicole Brown jumped in with a big accusation/suggestion, that maybe Melania used to be one of Trump's affairs.

Brown specifically asked, “Is it possible that she’s not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them?”

That sparked a response from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Brown later responded as well, pointing out that Melania is Donald's third wife.

That kinda went for the jugular and now it looks like the drama llama is back in town! Get your popcorn ready! This might be a wicked storm brewing and the ladies might run a few messages back and forth. This could be very entertaining!

Here's what Sanders said, followed by Brown's response.


I'm going with no butter on this popcorn. I don't know if I can take the grease anymore. Besides, this could be a juicy battle and that's enough for me to enjoy!

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