Hotel offers poolside 'puppy therapy' to guests

Sometimes hotels have to resort to any way possible to attract potential customers. And sometimes their creativity goes in a good direction, like in an example below.

One of the hotels in Bali (if you never heard about it – well, it's a famous Indonesian island, famous for great weather, friendly people, culture and cuisine) offers its guests a possibility to spend some time with dog puppies.

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Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Puri Garden hotel's guests can play with various cute little puppies. What is even better, that the hotel partnered with one Balinese foundation for stray dogs, Bali Dog Association, that for years has been fighting to rescue and help local stray dogs.

Because, as you probably guess, stray dogs are kind of big problem in countries like Indonesia, and some people decided to do something about it. If they can get some additional "public relation & fame points", then why not. At least they try to do something good.

The hotel calls it "puppy therapy sessions,"as they are good both for the puppies and people that have contact with them. It doesn't require rocket science to know, that contact with animals, living beings and Nature is good for humans.

We don't consider this hotel's idea as truly revolutionary and innovative though. In many European countries and cities, there has been a tradition, for decades at least, that their customers can play with various pets – like cats for example. You just order some drink in that kind of places, and as a bonus, you get a possibility to play with some cute little kittens (if they only want to play with you, of course).

Nonetheless, it's a good direction and a good step, and we wish Puri Garden hotel lots of happy customers and puppies.

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