House finally decides what to do with articles of impeachment, faces criticism

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congress stalled on sending Trump's impeachment articles over to the Senate, but now they have officially voted today. The vote was 228-193 in favor of sending the impeachment articles to Senate, finally ending that long delay or stall strategy.

This now officially triggers the third presidential impeachment and will take Donald Trump to trial, as reported by ABC News.

The House resolution officially appoints the seven managers, named by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wednesday morning, who will act as prosecutors presenting the Democrats' case. Earlier, shortly after being named an impeachment manager, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler submitted the text of a resolution that spells out the managers’ duties.

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Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Leader, slammed several Democrats in the process, giving them heavy criticism very early:

"By selecting this particular batch of managers, the speaker has further proven she's not interested in winning the minds, the hearts, or even following the Constitution," he said, calling out Nadler, and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, specifically.

They all happened to be appointed by Pelosi.

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