House of Horrors: Parents Tortured 13 Captive Kids for Years


13 siblings were found shackled and malnourished in a filthy state when law enforcement raided the home of David Allen Turpin and Louise Anna Turpin near Riverside, CA. The family projected an image of a very ordinary family on various social media accounts.  They would post pictures of the family on vacations and whatnot, always smiling and looking like a regular family unit.

What was happening within their household could not have been further from the truth. One of the siblings, a 17-year-old girl, managed to make a daring escape from a second-story window, reach a neighbor and call 911.  The siblings ranged in age between 2 and 29 and had reportedly been held captive, tortured and assaulted for many years.


Police responded and found multiple children still shackled to furniture and fixtures, and a couple who had just been unshackled as the police were preparing an entry.  All of the children except a 2-year-old were found to be malnourished.  The siblings were so malnourished that authorities initially believed they were all children, only to find out that many were of adult age.  Police say that the Turpins were unable to provide a logical explanation as to what occurred.

Many of the siblings have cognitive impairment and nerve damage resulting from years of abuse.  Medical experts say that all of the children involved in this horrific ordeal will require long-term psychological support during their long road to recovery.

Reports indicate that none of the children had seen a doctor in over four years and none of them had ever seen a dentist.   When police asked a few of them if there was medicine, or pills, in the house, the children did not even know what that meant.  Some did not even know what police officers were.

The couple would reportedly do things like buy food for themselves, leave it on the table for the kids to see, but they were not allowed to eat it.

David Turpin, 56, and Louise Turpin, 49 have been charged with various felonies ranging from child abuse, sexual assault, false imprisonment, abuse of dependent adults and torture.  The couple allegedly responsible for these atrocities is being held on $13 million bail, $1 million for each of the children. The Turpins have pleaded not-guilty. They face up to life in prison for their alleged sickening crimes.

The investigation into the extent of what went on in that horrific house continues, and authorities believe many more details will emerge as there were hundreds of journals kept by the siblings.  They also expect even more information to come from interviews with the siblings themselves.