Worst customer service is right here

"Can I speak with your supervisor," clients ask. But these guys don't care at all - the funniest phone pranks ever

"Can I speak to your manager," asks the frustrated customer. "Save the drama for your mama", answers back Operator 10 Junkyard Willie, providing unforgettable customer-service experience for years.

Pete Dzoghi from California is on a hot run with his hilarious phone call pranks. While there are many recorded phone jokes where the people actually trick and prank hated telemarketers, this series is completely different. It's the real customers who are pranked here, by a fake customer service. They think that they call real companies and real, professional customer service, yet what they receive is a total disaster. How it ever happened? Touch-Tone Terrorists bought years ago a series of 1-800 numbers, that were just little different from the phones of the original companies. Or, as he wrote on his site, "sometimes companies go out of business and abandon their 800 numbers but customers continue to call."

Armed with a telephone hybrid, electronic pitch transposer to alter his voice, Pete Dzoghi created a gang of "top-notch" customer-service representatives that take the real calls from the real people. Among the fake characters that he created, were:

Junkyard Willie Robinson: An older African- American from Compton, with a totally bad attitude. He frequently addresses his customers as "old bags", that "talk trash". His general suggestion to angry clients is "calm yo ass down!"

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Jim Bob the Handicapped Hillbilly: older Hillbilly that barely knows how to use the computer. He gets angry easily, insults his customers and stutters.

Vladimir: an angry and rude Russian. He played bank manager and a telephone operator in various prank calls. He thinks that he is better than "stupid Americans" and loves to prove it on every occasion.

Clarence Washington: A Black guy talking African-American very fast. Almost nobody understands him, as he speaks slang straight from 1970s.

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Stu Jaimison the Big Shot: an arrogant corporate big shot. He "tricks" the calling people with his normal voice, so they think that "it's finally someone normal there," and later he starts to offend them. He says to his customer that they are "a drop in the bucket," and he doesn't care about them at all.

Here are some other calls that really made me laugh:

car-rental company prank - a girl calls a car-rental company. Junkyard Willie and Jim Bob scare her off.

Vladimir and Junkyard Willie provide banking services – Vladimir shows again what he thinks about "Stupid Americans", and Junkyard Willie plays a banker.

this one features "Clarence Washington." Speaking his funky African- American he demands $500 refund for the car that he bought. He demands to speak with the "floor manager" and says that the guy from the car is nothing more than a "shoppida shoe-shine" and a "funky junkie with a monkey on the back". This one is from the Touch-Tone T.'s album where the real customer service guys are pranked, and calling characters are fake.
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