September 11 is a day Americans forget what they're arguing about and pay respects to the 2,996 who lost their lives in the tragedy that struck the World Trade Center in 2001. Many people post something loving on social media, share stories about where they were when it happened, honor someone they lost, or support someone else who has vivid memories of one of the most horrific attacks on American soil.

Then on September 12, we get our grit back and put our argumentative gloves on to spar with our enemies over everything and nothing. Americans are very good at two things- talking trash to each other about politics, then also dropping our partisanship at the sign of tragedy, natural disasters, or anything that's well above the scope of our control or desires.

In other words - when the sh*t hits the fan, we're always there for each other. I don't care if someone is the biggest Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton fan - if they're drowning in a burning lake of lava, then I'll gladly throw them a rope and try to save them. We are HUMANS first, and argumentative beasts second. As long as they leave the "I'm With Her" shirt in the lava, then I'll save them. If they're gonna keep that shirt on, then good luck! Just kidding, and if you're a liberal, then you probably didn't laugh at that. Either way, we drop our politics and save each other no matter what. Americans always support each other when things get horribly crazy or out of control.

Take one look at Texas and Florida and you'll see people saving and helping each other. Maybe they secretly hate each other, but that's OK. Most Americans are great people who would not allow politics to ever trump humanity. We're good people when we need to be, except for those losers looting a sneaker shop in Hurricane Irma. They are true scum.

While most of us said something nice or simply thought about the devastating day of 9.11, there was still a few people whom you just shake your head at. Many of us thought or talked about that day nicely. I didn't talk to anyone about it, but I looked at pictures of the old NYC skyline to remember what the Twin Towers looked like in comparison to the rest of the city. I was amazed. The enormity of the Twin Towers is pure insanity. The thought that someone was up there building that is unthinkable.  The thought that people came falling down that far is almost incomprehensible.

But it happened and we owe respect and honor to those who lost their lives, those who rescued, and those who lost friends and family.

But then there's the Huff Post who turns September 11 into what appears to be an anti-Trump story. It was penned by Marina Fang and I wasn't entirely mad, but I was thinking to myself  - "what a loser" anyone must be to write about Trump and September 11 like this. Is there anything the liberal media won't ruin just to trash Trump? Are we going to ruin pumpkin spice for the white women next?

Can we stop making everything about Trump just for one day?

Don't we owe people that much respect? People were sitting at work one day when planes crashed into their job. Some people didn't even have time to call their family and say bye. Some people went to work and weren't ever seen again. The last memory of one person is them falling hundreds of feet from the tower because they either jumped or fell out the window, likely to avoid a fire.

I just shook my head in disgust as Marina Fang blabbered on about things Trump said regarding September 11, 2001. I'm sure Trump has said a lot of things over the last 70+ years, but is any of it important in regards to 9.11? I don't care what anyone said about that day. The magnitude of what actually happened will always be more important than anything anyone says. I just don't understand why we need to tarnish a day of remembrance with an article about "Trump said this, Trump said that" nonsense. Can we let it go for a day? Can we post this another day? Do we really need to post this at all?

Trump is the President of the United States. He won. It's old news. Get over it.

Can't September 11 be a day where we let people remember the day the way they choose? Can't we leave people alone about Trump for one single day?

I was going to mention a few things that Marina Fang said in her article, but there's no point to further the unnecessary.

On the contrary, the rest of her articles are nice (not that I agree with them) and I can understand why she wrote the article about the worst things Trump said about 9/11, or why she was assigned it. Trump is all the rage. Everyone talks Trump. How can we turn everything into a Trump story? Well, the thing is - we don't have to do that. We can talk about other things once in a while or on special days. What should I expect on Thanksgiving? That we find out Trump went back in time and slaughtered Indians himself? Perhaps he scalps Elizabeth Warren, aka Fauxcahontas?

Marina Fang probably meant no harm by her article and I believe it's all part of the readership and revenue game. Let's not forget this one thing - I am almost certain that many of the Huff Post readers are liberals, so trashing Trump any day of the week is prime content for that particular audience of dolts.  Maybe she knows the liberal readers of the Huff Post would swarm on that like flies on brown. Her story didn't even get 10k shares. That's pretty low for a story posted on the Huff Post. Maybe the liberals had a tolerant heart for the day.

If you want to discuss this further, then do it with her. Not me. I don't really have anything else to say about it because September 11 is a day we show respect. Let's not blemish it with political partisanship or tabloid style "omg, can you believe what Trump said" style articles.

Marina Fang can be found on Twitter. Her link and the link to her story is below in the sources list.

Our greatest respects and honor to anyone who rescued or helped people on September 11. May you and all victims always be remembered.

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