58% of people at Trump rally were Democrats and Independents

Surprise, surprise! President Donald Trump's campaign manager Brad Parscale posted numbers about the rally in Toledo, OH, and it shows that at approximately 58% of the attendees reported were not Republicans. Instead, they were Democrats and Independents.

Keep in mind this is specifically about the Toledo Trump rally, so do not confuse these statistics with those of the entire country.

However, it's a good sign that people are open minded and going to see the president, despite being of a different political affiliation.

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Parscale posted the following on Twitter, saying:

Excellent data from Milwaukee:

20,395 Voters Identified

15,738 Voters From Wisconsin

57.9% Were NOT Republicans (Yuge!)

4,313 Registrants Didn't Vote in 2016

Winning with Non-Republicans!

He also posted the following:

Big data from Toledo:

22,927 Voters Identified

18,210 Voters From Ohio

5,216 Registrants Didn't Vote in 2016

21.9% Democrats

20.9% Independents

Rallies = Winning Data!

What does this all mean for the election of 2020 and Trump's chances? Well, not sure to be honest. It's encouraging to see Democrats and independents see their president, but it remains to be seen if they will vote for Trump after seeing him live.

The effect Trump has on people will be seen this election.

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