Human bodies for sale; 'Emily, you’ve never cut off a head before, and everyone else has'

In America, you may do business on anything, and the sky is the limit. Some people have been making money on selling cadaver body parts, in the unknown to the most and totally unregulated industry.

Like the Reuters investigation proved, some companies in the USA were abusing and misinforming kin of deceased people, about what will really happen with the bodies that they decided to give for "medical research" after their death.

One such company was Biological Resource Center, based in Phoenix, with its ex-boss Stephen Gore (a beautiful name for such business, isn't it). From 2005 to 2014, when the BRC was raided by the FBI, it received over 5,000 bodies that were "converted" by BRC to over 20,000 body parts, that were later sold to various companies and research centers (including those of US military).


Now you may ask, where do these cadavers were coming from and how the company, BRC, obtained it? Well, as the Reuters' investigation shown, they were mostly of the poor people, that couldn't afford a proper funeral. Before their death, they signed up an agreement with a company like BRC.

In exchange for financial help in cremation and funeral, the cadaver was "donated" to a "body broker" like BRC. What the people didn't know though, and what the investigation did show (just like FBI raid in 2014, in full hazmat suits), was that the cadavers were cut and split into parts for further resale. And as such, according to internal BRC's documents, some liver was sold for around 600 dollars, a complete torso for almost 3,200 dollars and the lower legs for $350 each one.

Like the widow and kin of one the "bodies" that BRC chopped and sold, Dona Patrick said, “They prey on people that have no money, that are poor, that have no insurance – like us.”


Sam Kazemi was a BRC's employee, responsible for "managing" the bodies and instructing young interns like Emily Glynn on how to properly chop the cadavers.

Emily recalls, that one time he said to her, "Emily, you’ve never cut off a head before, and everyone else has, so do you want to try?"

As she recalls, she didn't hesitate, being a good and knowledge-hungry 20-year-old intern. There were even instructional video clips made by the BRC, with Sam Kazemi as a "star" and the instructor. On one of them, he was using a construction chainsaw with a 9-inch blade to cut the spine and head of one cadaver.

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One of the FBI agents (there was an investigation about BRC lying and misleading the families of the body donors) that raided BRC in 2014 recalls, that after he saw said 24-minutes instructional movie, he "couldn’t sleep at night."

Matthew Parker, as this the agent's name, retired later with a disability – a post-stress traumatic order. “It looked like a junkyard chop shop where they are just ripping things apart,” he resumed it.

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