Human Ken Doll Has Four Ribs Removed And Carries Them In A Jar

34-year-old self-professed, "Human Ken Doll," Rodrigo Alves has followed through with his previous goal of removing some of his ribs to get a smaller waistline. Alves made headlines across the world since becoming the first man to ever have for ribs removed, purely for cosmetic reasons. He now has 36" shoulders and a 20" waist. His reasoning for the extreme surgery is as silly as the guy himself. Alves said that he had no choice but to get the surgery done so his pants could fit him.

They were too tight! Now, after the surgery, his wardrobe fits again, and his tailor is out of business. Yes, he said all of that. Alves had initially wanted six ribs removed, but the doctor that performed the surgery said that only four could be removed safely, so he rolled with 4. The doctor that helped this deranged man perpetuate whatever litany of mental illnesses he suffers from is Los Angeles Dr. Michael K. Obeng. Obeng said everything was carefully considered before the four rib removal surgery. 

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Alves elaborated that these types of surgeries can be dangerous for one's organs. He said that his operation, however, was the removal of the 11th and 12th ribs and the body does not have any use for these bones, and they are not too close to the spine. He also professed that this type of surgery is quite common in Hollywood with women, although they seldom talk about it publicly. Alves visited three other doctors before finding one that would appease his maniacal aspirations. 

It's good to know there are at least three sane, ethical surgeons in Hollywood, eh? Pretty crazy stuff, right? Hold my beer. I got this. Alves appeared on a UK talk show to give an interview about his many surgeries and his rib removal in particular. During the meeting, he produced a jar containing his removed ribs! Somehow he has not been directly diagnosed with any mental disorders that anyone knows of. Alves claims he has always been insecure about the way he looks and bullying he endured as a youngster exasperated that. 

He says he underwent his slew of surgeries as a way to reinvent himself. And reinvent himself he did. He was reinvented as a test dummy for plastic surgeons, apparently. With all of the craziness aside, many viewers of the UK talk show that he appeared on were shocked to hear him speak. 

He speaks intelligently and down-to-earth. Many feel his transformation into a walking Ken doll were indeed an expression of Alves wanting to be different, and this was his outlet. Alves does not recommend anyone else endure the surgeries he did but admits he is still happy with the outcome. 

As for what the future holds for Alves; he says when he is older he will follow in the stilettos of Caitlyn Jenner because he would rather be a sexy old lady than a saggy old man. His words, not mine. Good luck with that, Rodrigo!

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