Human remains found inside massive gator in Florida

Contrary to popular belief, while alligators are competent killers, they are rarely engaging with humans. There are exceptions though, especially in Florida where remains of one unfortunate person were found inside of alligator's belly.

The person is identified as Michael Ford II from Fort Meade in Florida, and as the police report says, he is being found in a canal in Polk Country which is about sixty miles east of Tampa. He was last seen alive by his friends and family on 23 June. The investigation started as a man reported to authorities that he saw an alligator with human flesh in his mouth running around.


The animal has been trapped in a couple of hours and then killed, but it was an epic battle since the beast was 12 feet long and was more massive than 450 pounds.

After the alligator was opened, inside of it investigators found a hand and a foot of unlucky man. Still, the official cause of his death is drowning, but the toxicology reports are yet to come, and they will probably take a few weeks. One woman was also attacked by a gator last month in the Fay Lake Wilderness Park, but she survived this encounter.

In the previous three years, six people died after being attacked by this animal, and all of the incidents happened in Florida and South Carolina, which includes a two-year-old in Seven Seas Lagoon. 


Local authorities are asking people to use common sense and do not feed the alligators, which is considered an offense. Of course, if you ever see one, it's important not to panic but keep your distance.

These dangerous animal are mostly active during the dawn and dusk, so it's not advisable to swim at that time of the day in the area, which is their habitat.

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