Hunter Biden and pregnant wife in LA, still in paternity battle with other woman

Hunter Biden was spotted in LA with his pregnant wife getting into a Porsche said to cost about $92k brand new -  and he's still in the middle of a paternity battle with another woman. Hunter Biden is 49 and his pregnant wife, Melissa Cohen, is only 33-years-old, so there's quite an age gap. Oh, and she's pregnant with his other little Biden.

Meanwhile, Hunter is still dealing with the paternity results of another woman who just gave birth and it appears the DNA tests say the child's father is Hunter Biden. This woman is only 28-years-old and her name is Lunden Alexis Roberts. 

Apparently he likes them a lot younger and it's really creepy that these women are going for him. After hooking up with his brother's widow, it's hard to imagine many girls finding themselves magnetized to Hunter Biden, so surely it's the money. I guess getting paid $83k a month thanks to daddy VP getting him a job helps land the younger ladies.


Word on the web is that Roberts is a former dancer at a club that Hunter Biden frequented.

Big deal, right? Lots of people spend all their money in derelict late night clubs and impregnate the dancers. No problem, right?

Just do it in another state and it's almost like it doesn't count. Except, it does count, and when your daddy was the Vice President and you get a woman pregnant, she's gonna remember that and hunt you down all the way across the country.


Let's not forget that Hunter has three kids with a former wife, Kathleen Buhle, and based on his previous behaviors, who knows how many others might be out there.

PageSix reported:

A stone-faced Hunter climbed into the driver’s seat of a silver, late-model, four-door Porsche Panamera — which costs at least $92,000 new — leaving Melissa to open the passenger door herself.

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Hunter and his wife live in the same Hollywood Hills ZIP code as stars such as Halle Berry and Ben Affleck. The couple’s current digs are worth $2.5 million, The Post recently reported.

Such a gentleman who complained about being in debt and jobless, but he's got a $2.5 million dollar home and a $90k car. It's like he's the face of white privilege, am I right?

Hunter Biden was also allegedly left off Joe Biden's Christmas family photo, but that's another story for another day and still needs to be verified. If he wasn't there for the photo, then that's why he was left out. If he was there, and they took the photo without him, then that's hilarious. 

He also looks like he gained as much weight as his pregnant wife. At least she's got an excuse, she's bearing a child. He's just bearing the guilt from all his corruption with the Ukraine and getting dancers babied up.

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