Hunter Biden criticized for renting $12,000-a-month home and skipping child support

Hunter Biden continues to be a role model for Democrats and dead beats! This time he's being criticized for renting a home in Hollywood for $12,000 a month, with his new wife who is pregnant, all while not paying any child support for the other kid he had out of wedlock with a former dancer. The house is valued at $3.8 million and is located in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles.

While Joe Biden is hot on the campaign trail and embarrassing himself, something he's good at - it seems like his disgraced son is keeping up with the family tradition by constantly being caught up in his own scandals.

Think that's bad? It gets worse. The child support is apparently part of a court order that Hunter Biden is defying, as per a report on Washington Examiner. And here's how we found out about Hunter's home rental!

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The house’s owner, Shane Khoh, revealed the arrangement to the Washington Examiner on Wednesday. Khoh, a real estate investor, said he had no prior relationship with Biden or Cohen before they moved into the home last summer.

“I don’t know them at all. I put it out on the market, and they rented it,” he said.

While living in the high-end digs, Biden has been fighting a court order to turn over his financial information as part of a paternity suit in Arkansas. On Tuesday, Circuit Judge Holly Meyer ordered Biden to appear in court on Jan. 29 and “show cause, if any exists, as to why he should not be held in contempt” for allegedly failing to submit the information by the court’s deadline earlier this month.

Lunden Alexis Roberts, the mother of Biden’s one-year-old child, said Biden has failed to disclose the names of any companies he has owned over the past five years, all sources of income and property deeds, his tax records, and other information.

Give Hunter and Joe Biden a few more days and one of them will end up in the news for something ridiculous like usual.

In fact, it was just yesterday that Joe Biden was having a bizarre meltdown yelling at a reporter WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!

Is Joe Biden mentally unfit to be president?

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