Hunter Biden says he's jobless and in debt, despite being paid $83k per month

You know that Hunter Biden guy who apparently has an illegitimate child with a stripper? And you know that Hunter Biden guy who was paid $83,333 per month thanks to his Daddy the Vice President helping him get a jobby job? And you know that Hunter Biden guy who spent thousands at a DC strip club and was accused of smoking crack? And you know that Hunter Biden guy who reportedly had strip club employees buy a sex toy so they can use it on him.

Well, that same guy, Joe Biden's little boy, is now claiming that he's in debt and unemployed.

That's right. Hunter Biden has the nerve to claim he's in debt from his divorce and also unemployed. I guess when your daddy isn't the Vice President anymore, then people don't care about you because they don't gain anything from it anymore. And even better, it proves that Hunter Biden most likely does not have any decent skills that a job would want to hire him for, let alone $83k per month.


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Hunter Biden also wants his financials sealed so his stripper baby mama, Lunden Roberts, doesn't see them and use it maliciously against him. I guess he's gonna owe child support though, that's a baby's right to be taken care of. He filed a protective order for the financial part.

Daily Mail reported an exclusive story on this and they sure got some good quotes out of it.

While Roberts - who is demanding Biden pay her $11K in legal fees in addition to child support - is said to agree that a Protective Order is appropriate, she has so far refused to fully commit to the current terms demanded by Biden, despite his 'best efforts' to secure her acquiescence.

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In addition to the Protective Order, Biden is also requesting an upcoming December 2 hearing be delayed until a decision on the order is made, adding that he has been so far been unable to complete an affidavit of his financials.

In a signed sworn statement, Biden claims he has been unable to complete the mandatory requirement because he currently lacks the information to do so.

'In an effort to demonstrate to this court my good faith, I attest that I am unemployed and have had no monthly income since May 2019,' Biden's statement reads. 

The former Ukraine energy executive goes on to admit he has incurred 'significant debts', partially caused by his April 2017 divorce to Kathleen Biden, which are currently being calculated by his accountants and will be disclosed to the courts as soon as possible.

'For the aforementioned reasons, I cannot complete an Affidavit of Financial Means at the time,' he claims.

Daddy can't get him out of this one. That's a child and Hunter needs to raise the kid or let a real man step in and do the job that he can't.

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