Hurricane Dorian is massive, hitting winds of 185mph

The eye of Dorian looks very peaceful, but the outside has winds with 185 mph! Dorian is one of strongest storms we've ever seen, ranked #2 over the years.



The Washington Post said:


With peak winds of 185 mph, Hurricane Dorian became the strongest storm on record to strike the Bahamas Sunday and among the top few most intense ever observed in the Atlantic Ocean. The Category 5 storm next threatens to bring hurricane force winds, coastal flooding and heavy rain to the east coast of Florida and Southeast U.S.

Dorian’s winds had only eased modestly, down to 180 mph at 11 p.m. Sunday, still generating “catastrophic conditions” in the northern Bahamas. The National Hurricane Center stated the storm made landfall on Grand Bahama Island at 11 p.m. after slamming into Great Abaco earlier in the day.

“Dorian remains an incredibly powerful hurricane,” the Hurricane Center wrote.



Dorian went right through the Bahamas and caused a lot of damage as well.



The path of Dorian is quite concerning.




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