Husband caught tricking wife into thinking she lost weight

Sometimes, when you love someone a lot, you have to lie. Just to protect this person or don't hurt her feelings. Especially if you have an obese wife that wants to lose weight, but can't succeed in it.

So what you do as a loving husband? Do you offer her some weight-losing tips, or maybe some great new diet or exercises that would help with her task? Nope, sometimes things can be done in a much easier way. Especially if you love to post on Reddit in "AmItheAsshole" channel.


Reddit user "lurkandsmirk29" found some really simple solution to his wife's problems. What he did was pretty simple, but also - very effective. He basically swapped size tags on his wife's clothes, suddenly and instantly, taking dozens of pounds of weight away from her. It was like a magic wand. Now all the clothes that his wife wanted to dress, fitted ideally on her body.

She was probably the happiest woman in the world, thinking that finally, her weight-losing efforts paid off.

Until the day, when the lie went out, and she got furious, saying that he treats her "like an idiot" and so on.


But let's give some credit to this guy. He just couldn't stand it anymore, how his wife was torturing herself just to lose some pounds here and there. "She’s always sadly talking about her sizes and calling herself too big.

She lost her excitement with shopping" – said her loving partner, that decided to end her suffering.

Unfortunately, afterward he got bashed, regardless of his good intentions. Moral of the story? Lying is not good, just like the obsessive preoccupation by own looks and weight. What's your opinion on this?

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Do you think he really loved her or was just egoistic and selfish?

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