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Husband thought Jimmy Johns called his wife a B---h. Nah, she ordered BLT With Cheese

A husband saw what was on his wife's sandwich and he might have been so mad he could punch some drywall. It looks exactly like the employee wrote something inappropriate, calling his wife a bitch. Turns out, that wasn't the case. In fact, she ordered a BLT with cheese. The problem? The employee used a lowercase L and it really does look like they wrote bitch, because honestly, I think they did it on purpose.

As seen in the Daily Mail and BarstoolSports:

Robert Wilson Barnes, of Greenville, couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted the five letters after leaving a drive-thru and thought it was an offensive insult.
In a Facebook post he wrote ‘Are you freakin’ serious?’ and went onto explain the lead-up to his complaint over wife Colleen O’Reilly Barnes’ order.
‘My wife took her sandwich out of the bag and we see THIS! Seriously? Oh, not today, not today!’ he posted.
Barnes stormed back into Jimmy John’s fast food restaurant to demand to speak to the manager and for an explanation from the ‘confused’ looking server.
But little did he know, instead of spelling ‘b***h,’ as he previously thought, it was actually an abbreviation for the sandwich’s ingredients – bacon, lettuce and tomato with cheese.
The man told him: ”Because you ordered a BLT with cheese?’ To which I replied, ‘…Oh.”

Honestly, it sounds like this guy is a bitch.

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