Husband and wife both died protecting 2-month-old son from El Paso shooter

The horrific shooting at Walmart in El Paso left 20 people dead, and among them, there were a husband and a wife who passed away protecting their 2-month-old son. Their family revealed this, telling that both Andre Anchondo and his wife Jordan Anchondo were confirmed dead on Sunday, a day after the attack.

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The brave couple was survived by their three children, including the baby boy that was with them in the shopping mall while the tragedy happened. Jordan's cousin Monique Terry found the strength to talk about everything for the Guardian newspaper, explaining that Andre stepped in front of the gunman, while Jordan was covering the baby. As Terry claims, Jordan was ready to give anything for the safety of her young son, and unfortunately, she paid the highest price.

Andre and Jordan were at the shopping mall because they wanted to buy their kids everything they need for the school. Before they went to Walmart, they dropped their 5-year-old daughter at the camp for cheerleaders. As Terry claims, no matter what happened, Jordan always believed that people are good.

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The unlucky couple was about to celebrate their first anniversary as Terry describes them as a perfect match that loved each other every minute. They were sticking to each other, so it was no coincidence they were together on that tragic day.

As for the Adam, Koteiba Azzam revealed to The Associated Press that his friend had his own business, building things from stone and granite. Azzam explained that his Adam was a hard worker and had a dream to make a house for his family.

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Azzam is religious, but he claims that he questioned his faith after this happened. Still, he is convinced that God has nothing to with it, but only a man who decided to ruin the lives of so many families.

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