I don't care if the Eagles skip the White House and neither should you.


Donald Trump canceled the Philadelphia Eagles visit to the White House and I literally could not care less. I don't care who visits the White House. I don't care who doesn't visit the White House. It's a dumbass tradition that no one even cares about. We should stop sending champion teams to the White House because let's face it - it's pointless and no one actually cares.Think about it - who gives a flying crap about this? It's a dumb photoshoot and it's not exactly a meeting or talk about issues. It's for show and no one really cares.


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I'm an Eagles fan who lives in Philly and I voted for Trump. I like them both. I still like them both. I don't care at all if they hate each other or if they don't ever meet. As long as the Eagles win, then I'm happy. As long as Trump keeps winning, then I'm happy.

Nothing else matters, especially this pointless tradition that no one cares about.

Prove me wrong.