I just got a $500 shirt from Harrah's in AC!

I think I?m going to stay far away from Atlantic City, New Jersey. After losing $200, myself and a webmaster friend were confronted by a four fingered "worker" aka "who-ah" in the hallway of our hotel. She consistently knocked on the door until we opened it and complained about not being able to find her boyfriend, but then slipped and told us she stole $400 from a guy who passed out before they "sealed the deal."

We showed her to the elevator and told her to go down the elevator and up the next one ? which would've taken her to the next tower  where she can pester other patrons.


She's knocking on our door again. This time she wants water or vodka, two extremes, and is crying about her boyfriend being locked in a room with her best friend. I can already see why he is locked in with her instead.

ac workers

We told her that her friend is probably sitting on top of her boyfriend and she should go find him. At this point I'm confused about how or why she even has a boyfriend and what's wrong with that guy that he has to date a 4-fingered who-ah in Atlantic City. Besides her being annoying and trying to rob us, we noticed she only had about three and a half to four fingers. Either she was born like that or she was punished by her pimp. The following day I lose another $100. I'm not a big baller by any means. I?m down $300 for the day and a half I was there.

Time for us to go. We only stayed a night, otherwise I would've continued my losing streak.

Lucky me, someone who actually worked at the hotel for real, not a solicitor, asked if I wanted a free Harrah's shirt. I said yes thinking it was the first thing I won all day. How exciting.

On the way home I receive a speeding ticket that ended up being around $200. I can now say that I spent about $500 in AC and all I got was that lousy t-shirt.