Ice cream truck charges Internet freeloaders DOUBLE prices

Are you an Instagram influencer? Well, don't try to get a free cone from Joe. In fact, you will be paying double if you want his soft-serve ice cream cones. Joe Nicchi, who owns CVT Soft Serve put up a photo on his Instagram account of himself holding a sign that says "Influencers Pay Double" and became an internet sensation.

Nicchi says that he has received many requests every week for the last two to three years from influencers who wanted to get his $4 cone for free in exchange for exposure.


Joe Nicchi opened his ice cream truck CVT Soft Serve in 2013 and has landed catering jobs from some really big celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, and Adam Levine.

So, after receiving a request from some influencers to host a 300-person party and supply it for free, he decided he'd had enough. He made the sign and posted it on Instagram.


What happened next, he would have never expected. His Instagram posts quickly went viral and were shared on Reddit. Nicchi finds the overwhelming support "weird, bizarre, and fun for the business."

Nicchi believes that there has been such a strong reaction to his sign because "people appreciate hard work." He may be correct because when he started his truck back in March of 2013 to make money on the side as he pursued his acting career within months of opening CVT was named one of the best food trucks in Los Angeles.

Nicchi has been getting exposure for CVT Soft Serve all on his own.

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