If NFL Players Keep Protesting, they'll be Working at McDonalds


Owed to the heinous actions of some professional athletes “taking a knee” during the playing of our national  anthem, racial animosity has been predictably propelled to a new high. These racial tensions weren't present until leftists began protesting random things in America, complaining about literally everything, trying to erase history, and creating racial issues where there really wasn't any problems to begin with.

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What these millionaire pros fail to realize is that they are merely entertainers on a big grand stage; this is not a freedom of speech issue exercised in a private modality. They are only harming themselves and professional sports in general as advertisers and fans, (overwhelmingly other than African-American), begin to distance themselves from paying to see games with many empty seats visible, and the league is on the cusp of losing a great deal of money, which is the bottom line for all concerned.

Direct-TV recently announced that refunds would be provided to customers who were nauseated at these unpatriotic and disrespectful exhibitions of racism. This is only the beginning of what I fear will lead to other confrontations and retaliations no one can accurately predict. And it will not end well for the players involved.

Truly sad is that many of the players originally from poor areas lack any skills other than sports: they were “pushed” through colleges by being offered “basket weaving” type of courses, providing no academic challenge whatsoever in order to qualify them for the pro drafts. But for the ability to run with a football, or toss a basketball through a hoop for the amusement of fans, the entitled athletes would be forced to find a real job. Certainly paying far, far less than the millions they’re making now. What skills do professional athletes have other than sports? Many of the athletes don't have any skills other than their game. This contributes to the high number of athletes who go broke after their career ends. They have no other skills, they can't manage money, and they're essentially helpless people with lots and lots of money but no skills or management ability to turn their millions into retirement or other businesses.

Do the athletes realize that if enough NFL fans turn their back on the teams, that salaries will eventually be cut due to the lack of profits? The NFL stadiums already charge way too much for everything now. Imagine what happens when all that revenue goes away. How does the team pay the players millions of dollars if there isn't enough money to cover the bills? The athletes need to watch what they do, because once the fans have had enough, then the NFL athletes start earning less and less. Pretty soon they'll be back to pedestrian wages with the rest of us. Imagine this - a 16-year-old high school student working at McDonald's next to Marshawn Lynch and Colin Kaepernick. Imagine that - big strong NFL athletes being bossed around by some dimply fast food manager telling people when to mop the floor and how to pour a milkshake. Is this the life that NFL players want? Is this the life anyone wants?

As a youngster growing up, I could never understand why those who offer society cures for diseases or unique skills involving the brain, often made far less money than schoolyard recess all-stars. I still don’t. As such, it is understandable that President Trump and his working supporters feel repulsed at what some of these players, coaches, and fearful owners are doing.

It's time for the athletes to wake up and realize they ARE entertainment and entertaining people is their job. It's their job that they're paid very well for, so they need to be more appreciative and stop making a fool of themselves at work.

Protesting the National Anthem reflects poorly on them, their sport, and our nation.