Ilhan Omar praises Trump's leadership as 'Great Start' during tough times

Are pigs flying? Did the fires down below freeze over? What did I just read? It looks like total leftist Ilhan Omar has actually said something nice about the leadership during the coronavirus and tough times we're experiencing? Well, yeah. She did!

This was all spelled out in a series of tweets and she didn't exactly say his name, but she was talking about the leadership and decisions he's making that could ultimately help millions of Americans during the pandemic.

First, Ilhan Omar said this:

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She also said this:

But wait! There's more:

So Ilhan Omar finally put her usually disgusting behavior aside so she could acknowledge that yes, Trump actually does some good things?

This is great news. However. That doesn't mean I like her.

Politics aside, we SHOULD come together at times like this.

But when this coronavirus ever goes away, you can bet I'll be right there making jokes about her allegedly marrying her brother again.

That won't ever change until Snopes verifies it one way or the other.

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