Ilhan Omar refers to Somalia as 'Our Nation Back Home'

Ilhan Omar was discussing the Revolution Somali Youth League back in 2015. She referenced her nation back home, which is Somalia, the place where she was born. The Twitter account who shared it is named Rep. Steven Smith and it's a parody account. However, the video is real and was posted with the following text:

Ilhan Omar addressing the Revolution Somali Youth League in 2015:

“You guys have the ability to impact where our nation is headed....”


“Not only HERE–in the United States–but even in OUR NATION BACK HOME.”

While the account it's posted on may be a parody, this video is still real.

Many people have found this video caused them to feel a bit outraged when Omar, who works for the American government, is referring to her nation in Somalia.


Granted, she did not work in Congress back in 2015, but she was likely on the campaign trail.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is part of 'the Squad' who is battling with President Trump and Republicans, and even some Democrats too.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested Nancy Pelosi was racist and that started a whole 'notha thing all together.

Vote now to REMOVE Pelosi from GOVT!

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