Ilhan Omar says places that had a '2016 Trump rally saw a 226% increase in hate crimes'

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has made a bold claim that suggests counties who held a 2016 Trump rally have since experienced an increase in hate crimes by a staggering 226%. Omar said this message and had it attached to a video by NowThis.

Omar said, specifically, that "Counties that hosted a 2016 Trump rally saw a 226% increase in hate crimes. Assaults increase when cities host Trump rallies. Your rhetoric is directly and indirectly inciting hate, Mr. President."

The NowThis video quoted Trump as he responded to a claim that his rhetoric causes a divide. "‘[My rhetoric] brings people together.’ — Trump rejected a reporter’s suggestion that his rhetoric might be fostering hate or domestic terrorism."


At this time, we do not have clear statistics in order to say if hate crimes increased or decreased in those particular locations she mentioned. Omar also did not appear to post her statistics or source of information.

Omar faced a lot of backlash for posting this and her comment section was filled with people calling her out for incorrect information. Many people even referrenced hate crime hoaxes that have been uncovered since Trump's rallies and election in the 2016 election.

UPDATE. It appears Omar might have used the following Washington Post article for her evidence. The teaser/tagline on it says "There is suggestive evidence that Trump’s rhetoric matters." It remains unclear what exactly "suggestive evidence" is - is it facts or just suggestive?


Ilhan Omar and NowThis posts can be seen here.

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