IMAX will build you a home theater starting at $400,000

Who wants an IMAX theater in their home?

My home theater needs an upgrade. I checked out some options and saw that IMAX will build you a home theater starting at $400,000. So obviously I have that laying around under a mattress in my home, right? Yeah, doesn't everyone? If you have about ?300,000 ($400K) to spare, IMAX's Private Theatre division will now build an IMAX cinema setup in your own home. The IMAX entry level starter kit is nicer than the movie theaters near my house. I guess it's a good thing I don't have room for 18 seats, so naturally I have to consider other options. The $400,000 might play a part in that too. I bet I can get this for much less from some guys in the hood who steal it from a delivery truck. If you have $750,000 to spend, then you can get the platinum home theater that seats 40 people. I don't 18 friends to fit in the entry level package, let alone 40 to fill a miniature theater. I would need to resurrect my MySpace top 8 and to help recruit people to fill this.

I'm really glad I don't have the following

Here's a time when I'm glad I don't have 1) 18 friends, 2) room for 18 seats, and 3) $400,000, because if I did, I would already be on the phone with IMAX. My call with IMAX would be like "Hello, IMAX! I'd like the overspending white privilege tech nerd over compensating starter kit that involves the IMAX theater in my home and a copy of Clerks DVD please. I know it's not in 4k and it's black and white, but it's a great movie and I don't care. Look, it's my overpriced home theater, let me spend an extra $8 for a DVD. Can the installation team stay for the first movie? I don't have 18 friends." imax home theater

ARS Technica - The entry-level IMAX Private Theatre is the "Palais," which starts at about ?300K for a screening room with up to 18 seats. For your money you get dual 4K 2D/3D projectors, a proprietary IMAX sound system, and a media playback system that supports everything you might want to throw at it (TV, games, Blu-ray, etc.) No word on the exact specifications of the projectors, but they're probably not IMAX-with-laser. Screen size will vary depending on the setup, but generally they will be 3 metres (10ft) tall or more.

My home theater is only a step below IMAX

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home theater

My home theater isn't IMAX quality. I don't even know if this counts as a home theater. Maybe it's just a TV with a few additions. Everything here is at least ten years old except the wall art and Xbox One. The Pioneer three-way speakers came from an appliance store back in 1996. The Yamaha receiver is from early 2000's. The Samsung flat screen TV dates back to the release date of Halo 2, which was November 9, 2004. I literally bought that television for Halo 2 when I was big into gaming. The Blu-ray player came with it. Sorta. It was part of a deal at Sears. I could use an upgrade, but an IMAX home theater wouldn't even fit in this room, but I'll play the Powerball a few times and see if I get lucky. Win a few million and you'll have friends from low places show up outta nowhere!

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