Immigrant Father of 8 Rejects Free 5 Bedroom House, But Takes 100k In Welfare

If you've been working hard, paying taxes, and scrounging up your last nickels to hit up Taco Bell for a quick supreme, then you should feel really good about yourself for being responsible, fiscal, and be doing what's right. Then there's this bum named Arnold Sube who has 8 kids, lives in a shithole, takes $100k a year in welfare benefits, and just rejected a FREE five bedroom home that would have helped his living conditions improve greatly for his family who has no room in their current crowded and dilapidated home to do anything.

Nope. Daddy doesn't want the free five bedroom home. Meanwhile, many of us working folks would have taken that home for free in an instant!

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Here's what Daily Mail said about this guy:

"A French migrant who scoffed at the offer of a five-bedroom house has refused to rule out adding to the eight children who have already helped him claim more than £100,000 in benefits. Arnold Sube is looking to move out of the three-bedroom property where he is currently residing in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, having blown his £15,000 savings on private rent within a few weeks of arriving.rnHe had initially been renting privately after moving from Paris to study mental health nursing but had his £1,278-per-month rent covered by the local council as soon as he had lived here for the required three-month period. The family received more than £100,000 last year in benefits and while they waited to move into their current home Luton Borough Council housed them for almost four months at the town's £160-per-night Hampton by Hilton hotel. However, Luton Borough Council this week issued an ultimatum to the couple - either they accept a formal offer of another available four or five bedroom property or make themselves 'intentionally homeless'. They will then be required to find their own home again through the private rental market."

It's easy. Take the home. Make life better for your kids. Get your degree or job and move on. Be thankful for what's handed to you for free when everyone else is working their ass off for it.

Also, close up that front hole on your wife and work on your pull out game. You don't need any more kids, because after a few they're just sucking on the government teet and you're only having kids to get benefits.

Stop it. Get some help.

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