Iran protesters demand Ayatollah resign, claim 'our Enemy is right here'

The Iranian people are mad and they have every right to be! Their military shot down a passenger plane by mistake and their leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei finally admits it. The folks in Tehran were hosting vigils, but that turned into protests on the location of at least four universities.

People were chanting things like "death to the Islamic Republic" and "death to liars" amid their frustrations with the fact that Iran literally shot down their own passenger plane by accident.

They want leadership to resign, an investigation to take place, and new leadership on the way.


The situation got so bad that they were sneaking the police into the protests via ambulance, to try and disperse the crowd. They even fired teargas at their own people.

So first, they shot down a passenger plane, then they shot at the protesters who were mad about it. This is absolute madness!

Daily Mail had major coverage of the Iranian protests:


Iran for days claimed that a technical failure caused the crash, before admitting on Saturday that its own surface-to-air missiles brought the plane down.

Iran was on high alert at the time, hours after launching ballistic missiles at U.S. forces in Iraq in a strike that caused no casualties. That missile strike was in retaliation for a U.S. operation that killed powerful Iranian General Qassem Soleimani  

On Saturday afternoon, candlelight vigils at universities in Tehran for the victims of Flight 752 began to turn to protests against the regime. Large protests were reported at the universities of Tehran, Sharif Industrial, Amir Kabir, and Allameh. 

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At Amirkabir University, protesters chanted 'Down with the dictator' and 'shame on IRGC [Revolutionary Guard], let the country go.' 

At Sharif University, crowds of outraged Iranians chanted 'commander in chief, resign!' The Ayatollah is Iran's commander in chief.

'Our enemy is right here; They lie when they say it's the US' protesters were heard chanting in one video. 

'I now believe the word of the Great Satan,' one protester wrote in Persian on Twitter, apparently referring to the U.S. intelligence reports that blamed Iran for shooting the plane down, which the regime furiously denied at first.

This is batsh-t crazy!

They made a massive mistake shooting down a civilian plane. They should have restricted the airways when they were attacking the United States, or at least right after the first attack - to keep civilians out of harms way.

Nope, just over there firing missiles at whatever comes their way.

Now look at them, their own people want them OUT.

Good for the people, they deserve better leaders.

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