ISIS beheads 4 year old, forces mother into sick torture

A mother refused to kill her own child, so Isis beheads?4 year old for her. Then Isis does something shocking to the mother. Something so vile that it could cause nightmares for the rest of someones life. Isis beheads 4 year old

IB Times: Sick jihadists from the Islamic State (Isis) beheaded a four-year-old girl then forced her horrified mother to soak her hands in her dead daughter's blood. The latest shocking incident is said to have happened in the Daesh (Isis) de-facto capital of Raqqa, in Syria.

Isis is known for beheadings and other gruesome punishments such as dipping prisoners in acid. Isis murders people in sick ways to strike fear in their opposition and their civilians. They punish people for breaking Sharia law. An example of that is how Isis punished people with lashes and then execution for breaking fast during Ramadan.

Isis beheads a 4 year old and forces mom to rinse hands in the blood

Long story short, a mother said something along the lines of "if my 4 year old doesn't come back from playing, then I'm going to behead her" and a guy from Isis heard it. The person reported it. Next thing you know, they're punishing the lady by telling her to carry on with her actions and behead a 4 year old. Her own child to be exact! The mom refused to murder her own child, so Isis behead the kid for her. Then Isis forced the mom to rinse her hands in the blood of her headless child.

Messed up right?

For an Isis soldier to behead 4 year old is extremely harsh. The child lost their life for what purpose? Then the mother loses her child over something he said. Granted, she should know better not to talk about beheading her own child when she knows that's exactly what will happen if an Isis member hears her.

Did the 4 year old get beheaded because of the mother? Is it because of Isis? Or a combination of both?

What mother talks about her child like that anyway? She's just as sick as the Isis members who forced her to wash her hands in her own child's blood.

How do we fix this?