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ISIS leaders tell terrorists to stay out of coronavirus areas

A recent article in Homeland Security Today shows how ISIS leaders are giving directions to terrorists and telling them to stay out of coronavirus stricken areas and to cover their sneezes to prevent spread of the illness.

Bridget Johnson reported that ISIS had a full-page infographic talking about prevention of the coronavirus that was published in their very own al-Naba, which is a newsletter, showing that even terrorists are keeping up with coronavirus, which might sound odd to some. You'd think they would use the illness as a weapon.

Even more interesting is that they are also slamming the Chinese government for trying to downplay and hide the magnitude of the coronavirus.


Did the coronavirus just bring Americans and terrorists together against the communists of China?

Maybe only for a moment... but not really.

Johnson's article stated:


ISIS included a full-page infographic on coronavirus prevention in the new issue of the terror group’s official weekly al-Naba newsletter.

The group has followed the outbreak from the beginning of this year, regularly including updates in the news briefs section of the newsletter. “A new virus spreads death and terror in China,” al-Naba reported in January, adding that “communist China is panicking after a new virus has spread” and noting how Chinese officials discussed the discovery of person-to-person transmission as well as the lockdown of Wuhan. Al-Naba highlighted “growing concern about the spread of the infectious virus,” adding that “this could push the World Health Organization into an emergency.”

Around the same time, ISIS-supporting Quraysh Media, which has been active in its production of online propaganda posters, seized on the outbreak to produce and disseminate a poster with a grainy image of a person in a hazmat suit and respirator. “China: coronavirus,” the poster stated, adding, “A promise is a debt we must not forget.”

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As the outbreak spread, perhaps mindful that the global reach of the new coronavirus could also pose a threat to their members or supporters, the Islamic State turned to criticizing the Chinese government for hiding the scope of coronavirus outbreak.

If there's one thing that's true, it's that science doesn't care who you are.

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