By Frank
Posted January 9, 2017

While Meryl Streep was reminding the world how stupid and irrelevant she is at the 2017 Golden Globes, this girl was busy escaping ISIS.

Her name is Lamiya Haji Bashar and she's been brutally abused, but somehow managed to escape.

When the ISLAMIC COURT JUDGE attempting to impose Sharia Law on the young 18-year old woman she again rebelled against her captors, and again attempted to escape.

In all Basher attempted to escape her captors 4-times, however on her 5th attempt she was successful, revealing in an interview that the Islamic judge told her captors:  “He said that either they must kill me or cut off my foot to stop me escaping.”

“I told him that if you cut off one foot then I will escape with the other. I told the judge I would never give up. So they replied they would keep on torturing me if I tried to escape.”

In all honesty, if they cut off one foot, then she probably wouldn't get too far. You can only hobble so far on one leg. Just being realistic.

It's mind blowing how self centered and out of touch the liberal actors are. The Golden Globes, an award show where they give each other awards, is a room filled with rich losers who think their liberal mindframe means anything to us.

While they're touting about the fake award they gave to each other (what a joke), this poor girl is off being a sex slave for ISIS.

What a different world we live in and it's astonishing how the luck of the draw determines to whom and where you're born. You can't pick your parents, but you sure can get lucky or not so lucky.

I feel lucky just to be average.

Thankful I'm not an ISIS sex slave, but also thankful I'm not a bag of liberal crap like Meryl Streep.

While she was busy denouning Donald Trump, people were busy reminding her that she's the same washed up sea hag that gave a standing ovation to a child rapist named Roman Polansky.

Yeah - bet you didn't know that, did you!

Look it up.

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