It's OK to say 'Merry Christmas' and you should say it more often


Do you remember when leftists brought the war on Christmas and tried to make us think saying "merry Christmas" was offensive? Many of us do and that's why we're reminding everyone to say 'merry Christmas' as much as possible this year. That doesn't mean say it to someone who doesn't celebrate it, but if you notice a gender-confused white liberal walking around saying "happy holidays" then bring it upon yourself to say "merry Christmas."

It was always acceptable to say it until liberals decided they were offended by it. The worst kind of liberal is the skinny white male liberal who tells everyone else how they are oppressing people, meanwhile he's the biggest closet racist and white privileged guy you can find. This is the kind of guy who buys expensive drinks at Starbucks, always has the latest iPhone that costs at least $600, and definitely lives in an all white neighborhood in the suburbs.

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The white liberal male is the person running around telling people that Christmas is offensive and everyone is racist, but he's got a big Christmas tree at his house and doesn't have any real black or ethnic friends - he just hangs out with them during protests to make himself feel better.

If you celebrate Christmas and see the skinny white liberal male saying 'happy holidays' - then fix it for him.

Say 'merry motherfucking Christmas' and have a nice day.