Man stabs dumpster diver

28-year-old James Harris Jackson set out on a mission, from Baltimore to New York City, with one cruel intention. His mission was to kill black people.

He ran into 66-year-old Timothy Caughman who was digging in the trash. That's when the blades slashed and stabbed him and Jackson left the older man bleeding on the ground of New York. A man stabbed for no reason other than the color of his skin.

Caughman was able to get himself to a police station that was close by. They helped him get to a hospital, but unfortunately he didn't survive the stab wounds.

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Jackson turned himself into a Manhattan police station the next day, after seeing himself on videos that circulated in hopes to find the senseless man who pointlessly stabbed someone.

A white man who police said traveled to New York City to harm black people turned himself in with knives in his pocket at a Manhattan police station on Wednesday, a day after authorities say he fatally stabbed a black man on a city sidewalk.

James Harris Jackson, 28, told police he left his home in Baltimore on Friday and took the bus to New York "because it is the media capital of the world and he wanted to make a statement," Bill Aubrey, a deputy chief at the New York Police Department, told reporters.

"He said that 'I'm the person that you're looking for,' and he had knives in his pocket," Aubrey told a news conference. "It was revealed that the attack on Timothy Caughman was clearly racially motivated. It is believed that he was specifically intending to target male blacks."

A soul is lost because one racist wanted to make a statement? What would that statement be, that he's a lunatic criminal who should spend his life behind bars? That's the only statement I agree with.

This man killed someone for no reason other than their skin color. We have no control over the color of our skin when we're born. It's like rolling the dice in a casino. We get what we get and we don't get upset.

Not only did he kill a man in cold blood and ruin that guys life, he also ruined his own. What kind of life will he live in prison? He ruined his own life so that he could "make a statement" ? Sounds like the statement wasn't made very well. If you have to spend your life in jail because you hate people of a certain type, then I don't think the statement is worth making.

Hopefully people read this and put their racial tendencies away just enough to prevent people from killing each other.

If you want to crack some stereotype jokes, then go for it. But don't kill someone. That only ruins your own life too. You don't want to do that, right?

Stick to joking around and posting memes. Then you can still enjoy your life and no one gets hurt.

It's a shame that man passed away. He did not deserve this. No one deserves to be stabbed for no reason.

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