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Jared Leto got mad about new 'Joker' movie: 'You've Got to Stop This'

Jared Leto is frustrated as he's being overshadowed by Joaquin Pheonix' The Joker. As you may remember, Leto played the over-hyped but rarely seen Joker in the movie The Suicide Squad. Yes, we saw clips of him but the actual movie didn't have much of him and he is frustrated that he now has a rival and it seems he was also promised something.


It turns out the 47-year-old star was promised a stand-alone film, only for Warner Bros to give Phillips' version a greenlight instead. Leto's version of The Joker was much scarier, getting into character even in real life and basically scaring most of his castmates. A source confirms that the studio wasn’t thrilled with Leto’s efforts to play Joker. 


His version only got about 10 minutes of screentime. Yikes! 



The source even added that this wasn’t even Leto’s movie, so his attempts to make it a place for himself backfired extremely. 


It is most likely that Leto’s The Joker has now ended. He is said to not reprise his role for the Warners’ upcoming movie Birds of Prey, which centers on Joker’s lady Harley Quinn herself. He will also not be in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad which will premiere 2021. 



Leto will still work with Warner Bros and is currently shooting John Lee Hancock’s Little Things alongside actors Rami Malek and Denzel Washington. Despite being an Oscar-winning actor, Leto’s days as the Joker is now over.  


Have you watched Joaquin Phoenix' The Joker? It's a masterpiece! One that will tug your heartstrings and at the same time, make you fear clowns all the more. 

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