Jaws Hit the Floor Over Breastfeeding Picture from Disneyland

A picture of a woman breastfeeding her child at Disneyland went viral. In the background are two women looking disapprovingly at the mother breastfeeding her child. Disneyland is one of the most family friendly places I have ever been to and the women in the background giving scolding looks is terrible and offensive to anyone who breastfeeds their children. The post from the mother states the women were making snarky comments and suggested she go to the restroom to feed her child.

The viral Facebook post of the lady breastfeeding her child is beautiful. The women in the background showing disapproval are so out of touch with what is good and wholesome for the child. A mother showing such love and devotion to her child is to be celebrated not denigrated.

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Women have been breastfeeding babies and small children since Eve gave birth to Cain and Able. It is a beautiful and natural act of love between a mother and child. Only in the U.S. is breastfeeding in public an issue. In Central & South America, Asia, Eastern and most of Western Europe women have no concerns about breastfeeding in public. There are no comments from other people standing around saying she should go to the public restroom to feed her child. A question to the women at Disneyland that told this lady to go to the restroom to feed her child; Did you feed your children in a dirty public restroom? If so you have some serious issues.

The women in the Facebook post showing disapproval could have simply looked away if they were disturbed. In many cultures a woman breastfeeding is considered a beautiful and natural thing. It is encouraged by every major religion I know of as being beneficial by creating a bond between mother and child. The la leche league international (https://www.llli.org) gives great information to mothers and their families about breastfeeding. The AMA sites how the breast milk improves the immune system of the child. The breast milk has antibodies from the mother. This helps build up the child’s immune system.

In my community there are a number of women who do and did breastfeed their children. My late wife breastfed our son. She had a Hawaiian baby sling to give some privacy as our son fed. Many women have a shawl to cover themselves and the child. It allows for some modesty. That being said there are many places in this country where people are allowed to walk nude. I have seen several women breastfeed their babies on these beaches.

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I have another question to the uptight people. If a woman walking on the beach in a reveling bikini is acceptable; why is a woman breastfeeding a child objectionable? This is such a ridiculous double standard. Sports Illustrated every year has a Swimsuit issue. It shows many ladies in revealing bikinis. I have not seen any protests about this magazine. But we have to go full mental over a natural act of love between a mother and child.

In the case of Dike v. Orange County School Board 650 F.2d 783 (5th Cir., 1981) the appellate court upheld the rights of women to breastfeed their children. In Dike, the appeals court reversed the lower court decision and remanded the case for a new trial, stating that breastfeeding is a protected constitutional right. "Breastfeeding is the most elemental form of parental care. It is a communion between mother and child that, like marriage, is "intimate to the degree of being sacred,"

I applaud this mother for her caring attitude towards her child. A suggestion for the future; she may want to have a modesty shawl to not offend the people in the community. There are members of the community that do not wish to see women breastfeed their children. They may have children and not want to explain to their young child what is happening. 

A modesty shawl would give everyone a higher level of comfort in this situation.

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