People were selling Jeffrey Epstein inspired merch, eBay and Shopify said 'No Thanks'

US Financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein inspired T-shirts and other merchandise are now challenging online platform's policies. On eBay, some listings, that recently took place this morning, presented a painting that Epstein reportedly has in possession in his controversial home.

The sellers listed these shirts and mugs with artist Petrina Ryan-Kleid’s painting of Bill Clinton. The painting wherein Clinton wears a blue dress and red heels that is vaguely similar to the outfit that Monica Lewinsky wore during an encounter with him [Bill Clinton].


eBay tells The Verge that these multiple listings related to Epstein were taken down as it violates the human tragedy policy. In their statement, eBay “does not tolerate the sale of any item that seeks to profit from human suffering or tragedy."

They stated that the listing was removed due to breaching their Disaster and Human Tragedy policy. Their teams are now closely monitoring the marketplace to remove merchandise related to the controversial death of the disgraced financier. They also encourage customers to use the “report an item” link on the listing page for prompt reviewing.

This has also taken several platforms by storm, including Instagram posts, wherein some posts were allowed to stay. The links on the posts encourage visitors to check the external site, benefiting Instagram’s algorithms which can spread within the app. Instagram commented that the content does not violate their policies, therefore, it will not be removed until it is reported.


However, Shopify drops service to at least one site that offers Epstein themed apparel as it violates their acceptable use policy. Amazon also does not tolerate the merch designs that “depict a human tragedy, are directly connected with a tragedy, or treat human life satirically”. Somehow, there are still multiple listings available to advertise Epstein themed merch, in apparent violation of the policy. As of the moment, some of these listings are still up. Amazon declines to further comment on the matter.

One controversial listing is a shirt depicting a bullseye reticle focusing on Epstein with the famous Clinton couple, Hillary and Bill, beside him. It features the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount," pointing out the alleged connection between Epstein and the Clinton family.

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