Jeffrey Epstein's prosecutor is James Comey's daughter, who went to Women's March


CNN has reported that one of the prosecutors in the Jeffrey Epstein case is Maurene Comey, James Comey's daughter! You remember James Comey, right? He's the former FBI director who was fired. Well, if this doesn't scream corruption at the highest level, then what does?

CNN stated in their report that "a team of federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, along with some in the public corruption unit, have been assigned to the case.

Maurene Comey, the daughter of former FBI director James Comey, is one of the prosecutors, according to a source with knowledge of the case."

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Now that we got that under wraps, let's talk a little bit more about Epstein.

CNN continued by stating that "in November, the Miami Herald reported that when Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta was a US attorney in Florida, he gave Epstein the "deal of a lifetime." In a sweeping review of the politically connected billionaire's case, the Herald explained how Acosta had made an agreement with Epstein to avoid major repercussions for the hedge fund manager, even though a federal investigation had identified 36 underage victims."

What in the world is going on with these people?

Who is Maurene Comey?

According to Law and Crime website:

"Maurene Comey is an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the SDNY.

She’s worked on cases involving alleged racketeering, drugs and weapons offenses, embezzlement, obstruction of justice, and robbery."

She also went to the Women's March.

It is just mind baffling how much money these people have and they are still breaking the law, allegedly.

Just wait until people really start digging the claws into Epstein to see if he'll flip on any big names.