Felon gives cops a nasty message, judge has the last laugh

Jeffrey Giddings took a person hostage and shot a police officer. In return, he  received 30 years in prison. During his sentencing, he had a few words of his own to say in response to the jail time. Sergeant Lee Jundt, the officer who was shot by Giddings, survived the shooting. Liz Mincer, the hostage, was not shot.

He apologizes to one victim whom he held hostage. He thanks his lawyer, Shannon Wilson for her time and effort. Giddings then addressed Jundt and told him that he didn't want the officer to think he was a coward. He didn't want to surrender to police, because then people would think he was weak. Giddings acts like he HAD to fight the police and shoot them, but he didn't. He had an easy way out but chose to shoot at police and this is the result.

Giddings then makes his 30-year-sentence worse. He does the unthinkable and curses at the police officers. He had three simple words for the cops. Giddings said "f*ck the police" and the judge held him in contempt of court and administered a brief sentence to serve before his 30-years begins. Now Giddings will serve 30 days prior to his 30 years.

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Gladstone, OR –  Jeffrey Giddings was sentenced on Friday for an incident where he shot a police officer in August 2016.  He apologized to one victim, thanked his attorney, and cursed police afterward.

According to Oregon Live, Giddings apologized to one victim that he held hostage during the ordeal, Liz Mincer, and asked for forgiveness.  He thanked his attorney Shannon Wilson, and then saluted a friend in the galley and told her he loved her.

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He then turned to Gladstone Sergeant Lee Jundt, who he shot during the ordeal and whose police career was ended because of the injury.  He said that he wanted to make sure that Officer Jundt knew he wasn’t a coward and that he would have been if he had surrendered his gun during the incident.  And that was it for Officer Jundt – he didn’t apologize or ask for forgiveness.

Jeffrey Giddings then addressed law enforcement in general and said, while looking directly into a TV camera behind him, “And to the rest of law enforcement, f*ck the police. Thank you. That’s all I have to say.”

Judge Jeffrey Jones then held Giddings in contempt, and sentenced him to 30 days in jail, to be served before he starts his prison sentence.

The original incident happened on August 8th, 2016. Giddings was riding a bicycle and a Gladstone police officer wanted to stop him because he left a halfway house without permission. Giddings took off to evade police and was hiding in a Subway restaurant parking lot. He shot towards Sergeant Jundt about 15 times when the cop was still in his police vehicle.

Giddings went into Subway and took two employees hostage.

The initial incident occurred on August 8th, 2016 about 6:20 PM, according to KGW.  A Gladstone Police Officer tried to stop Giddings, who was on a bicycle, who then fled and tried to elude police.

Jeffrey Giddings had recently left a halfway house without permission. Sergeant Jundt located Giddings in the parking lot of a Subway restaurant. Giddings fired at Sergeant Jundt 15 times as he was still inside his patrol car, and then ran into the Subway, where he took two employees hostage.

Jundt was struck by Giddings bullets and the injuries ended his career as a police officers.

Giddings is a career criminal with at least two dozen prior criminal convictions dating back to 1991.

What would you do if this man took you hostage?

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