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Jeffrey Sandusky Takes Deal, Pleads Guilty to Child Sexual Abuse

Jeffrey Sandusky, son of infamous alleged child molester Jerry Sandusky, has plead guilty of 14 counts of child sexual abuses charges. Sandusky, 41, entered a guilty plea a few days before his trial was to begin.  He stands accused of of trying to get a teenage girl and her younger sister to send him naked photos as well as soliciting the younger sister to give him oral pleasure.  He is alleged to have asked the teenage girl to send him photos of her chest, and that it was OK because he studied medicine. Interesting that he thought that was a valid argument.  The victims were 15 and 16-years-old at the time the incidents allegedly occurred and were a few years apart. At least this Sandusky liked girls. That's a step in the right direction, but perhaps he should've known better and accosted 18-year-olds at Penn State.

Jeffrey Sandusky was formally charged in February with charges of statutory sexual assault, solicitation of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, solicitation of child sexual abuse and unlawful contact with a minor.  The charges amounted to 14, which could land him in state prison for up to 8 years.  Two of the charges are misdemeanors while the 12 others are classified as felonies.


Sandusky struck a plea deal with prosecutors that would serve to spare the victims from having to testify and recount the crimes as well as reduce his sentencing guideline to around 3-6 years.  Prosecutors reserved the right to ask for more time and there is nothing stopping the judge from blasting him with the maximum 8 year sentence.

Sandusky was apprehended at a raid on this mother's house in State College, Pennsylvania after the father of the girls intercepted the disturbing messages on his daughters' phones and immediately alerted police.  The father is a better man than me, because I would have been on Sandusky's doorstep in a flash. Asking about it, of course.

Centre County District Attorney Stacey Parks Miller said that the county is pleased that the plea deal will spare the two girls the trauma of having to recount what happened by testifying to the court.


Jefferey Sandusky's infamous father Jerry was convicted in 2012 on 45 counts of child sexual abuse and is now serving a 30-60 year sentence which essentially condemns him to die in prison. In early 2017, several former Penn State officials were sentenced to prison for failing to report Jerry Sandusky's actions.  Penn State coach Joe Paterno was fired in 2011 for his similar lack of action in reporting Sandusky.

Paterno died in 2012.

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