Jerry Lewis has left us at age 91. He was a comedian and host of TV telethons raising billions for muscular dystrophy research. It's reported that he passed away from natural causes while at home with his family at his side.

Lewis, who died Sunday at age of 91, turned himself into an American entertainment institution, first as a maniacal slapstick comedian and then as the 45-year host of tear-jerking annual TV telethons that raised a staggering $2.6 billion for muscular dystrophy research.

His death was confirmed in a statement tweeted by a reporter for the Las Vegas Review Journal.

"Legendary entertainer Jerry Lewis passed away peacefully today of natural causes at 91 at his home w/ family by his side,” the statement read.rnrn

Inside the comedy world, Lewis was revered as a genius. The 2011 Lewis documentary "Method to the Madness" featured comedians from Billy Crystal to Eddie Murphy to Chevy Chase praising his singular style of comic lunacy and pathos.

"I get paid," Lewis once said, "for what most kids get punished for."

Jerry Lewis was married two times. His first wife was Patti Palmer. He married her from 1944 to 1980. His second wife, and current wife, was SanDee Pitnick. He married her in 1983 and loved her ever since. He was 56 and she was 32 when they married. That's quite a difference in age, but you could say Lewis hit a homerun when he married a much younger woman who was a Las Vegas dancer.

Lewis had six sons with his first wife, Palmer. One son was adopted. He also adopted a daughter with his second wide, Pitnick.

He had six sons with Palmer, one adopted, and an adopted daughter with Pitnick.

Jerry Lewis leaves behind a legendary career. If there was a telethon, then he was probably there! You couldn't miss this man and his personality.

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