Jessica Simpson shares post-baby leg transformation pics

Actress and a singer Jessica Simpson had incredibly hard third pregnancy during which she had extremely swollen ankles. Thankfully, after the birth of her daughter Birdie Mae Johnson, she recovered in record time.

Swollen ankles are a relatively common problem during pregnancy, and are not a severe threat to the future mother. The problem usually goes away after the baby is born, but it's not a pleasant experience by any means.

On January 11th, 2019, Jessica posted a picture of her swollen feet, but precisely five months later, she proudly took another snap, showing that she is back to her usual self. Her fans are loving this transformation, so there are numerous comments of support, while some future moms are happy to find out that their bodies will eventually look like they used to before the pregnancy. 


Blonde star has been documenting her journey on Instagram, and it will always stay there as a reminder of what she went through. Still, Jessica took it all with a sense of humor. In February, she posted a hilarious picture of her holding the toilet seat that she broke only a month before giving birth.

She also talked about her problems with acid reflux, which is another common symptom of pregnancy.

Now that it's all over, there's no doubt Jessica thinks it was all worth it, looking at her kids Ace, Maxwell and now Birdie May.


One more thing is sure - you can expect lots of cute and funny posts of her kids on Instagram in the years to come. Earlier this year, media reports claimed that this is her final pregnancy and that there won't be baby number four for Jessica and her husband, former NFL tight end Eric Johnson.

till, the star hasn't spoken about those rumors.

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