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JFK Assassination Files Declassified and Released

President Donald Trump has authorized the released over 2,800 previously classified documents related to the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy.  The documents were released on the National Archives website Thursday evening and the rush to sift over all of the documents has begun.  Analysts are feverishly examining documents that amount to about 5 million pages of information.

While it was President Trump's goal to release every single classified document, he was advised, and ultimately accepted, that a small amount of documents should be delayed so they can be reviewed prior to their release citing national security concerns.  The remaining classified documents will be reviewed by government security agencies for redaction of sensitive data, and some documents may need to be permanently classified.  The agencies have 6 months to review the remaining documents and will be releasing them on a rolling basis.  This will ensure that the public has access to the documents in a more timely fashion and also serve to give them ample time to review the released information.  That is, as soon as they get around to reading the five million pages just released, many of it hand-written.


But if you are after new juicy tidbits of information from the most recent release, we have a few already discovered by analysts.  Let's go over the highlights quickly:

The USSR was fearful that the IS would launch missiles in retaliation for JFK's assassination.  The notes indicate that the Soviets were afraid an irresponsible American general would initiate a rogue missile attack.

The government had ordered multiple assassinations of world leaders by the CIA, including Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.


The Soviets believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was neurotic and disloyal based on his betrayal of his own country as well as the way he acted in dealings with the USSR's agencies.  

Brother Robert F. Kennedy was apprised of an upcoming book released that contained information about an affair between himself and iconic actress Marilyn Monroe.

Russia had data the led them to believe that Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the assassination.

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J. Edgar Hoover, the Director of the FBA had concerns that the American public would not buy the story of Oswald being the lone gunman.

These tidbits that have already been discovered don't dispel any of the major, existing conspiracy theories. The rest of the documents released are not expected to contain major bombshells, but this information is new, fresh and bound to further spark even more theories.

Analysts are at least hoping the newly released documents can add some clarity to theories as to possible CIA involvement, mafia involvement, Cuban involvement, Lee Harvey Oswald not being a lone shooter.  Time and exhaustive work will tell the full extent of what the new documents reveal, and conspiracy theorists as well as average Americans wait for the analysts to extract some further truths out of this whole situation.

You can find the National Archive link to the released files here.

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