By Frank
Posted January 10, 2017

If you're wondering what it will be like for America to suffer a Muslim migrant refugee problem, then take a look at Germany. Liberal Angela Merkel has single-handedly ruined Germany by permitting the migration of mass amounts of people who literally HATE GERMANY.

Gang rape. Honor killing. Crime waves. Terror attacks. Child marraige.

You want that? Then let the refugees come to America!

The number of jihadis in Germany has risen to more than 9,700, which is nearly three times the amount from 3,800 people in 2011. This is no surprise, given the fact that Angela Merkel has allowed for over one million refugees from terror hotbeds to come to Germany since 2015. There has been a direct correlation in Germany with the increase in violent crimes and terror and the mass importation of Muslim migrants.

Remember the Berlin truck terrorist attack? Wasn't that supposed to be a HUGE wake up call for everyone in Germany?

Shouldn't Merkel have realized that she's making huge mistakes and put her big girl panties on to fix the problem?

Merkel, you can't let this stuff happen. Germany was a great place with great beer. Now look at it!

You can't let everyone in everywhere.

Some people don't know how to act and they don't deserve a ticket to your party.

That's just how it is.

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