Jill Biden put on a wig, dressed like Flight Attendant, and passed out ice cream bars

Looks like we got a prankster in the White House! First Lady Jill Biden pulled an April Fools joke on the staff when she slapped on a wig, dressed like a flight attendant, and started passing out ice cream bars.

She called herself Jasmine. This is just a joke, but there's a good chance Joe Biden probably wanted to get close and sniff her hair.

What else would Joe Biden do with Jasmine the fake flight attendant. Do you think he called her Jazz all night just to be funny when he went to bed?


The real news reported:

US First Lady Jill Biden pranked reporters and staff flying back from a trip with her on Thursday, disguising herself as a flight attendant to pass out ice cream bars for April Fool's.

Staff, Secret Service and press were treated to dessert by a woman with short black hair, a black face mask and a nametag that read "Jasmine," who made her way through the cabins as the first lady traveled home to Washington after visiting California.

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Five minutes later, "Jasmine" reappeared in the press section, wig removed, revealing herself to be none other than Biden herself.

"April Fool's!" a tickled Biden told reporters.

I guess when the dogs aren't shitting on the floor of the White House, she's flubbing Spanish, or some Farrakhan supporter isn't attacking the Capitol and killing a police officer, then this is the next best entertainment for the Biden administration.

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