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Jimmy Garoppolo QB rating so bad he may want to give Kaepernick the ball

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo hasn't exactly been inspiring confidence with the fans or the team.

While it's still early, and the regular season has yet to start, Garoppolo has been less than stellar. Seeing playing time for the first time since Week 3 of last season, the 49ers QB completed only one of his six passing attempts for no yards and an interception. His QB rating was a 0.0.

"Obviously [I'm] a little frustrated," Garappolo said. "But it's the NFL, unfortunately we don't get to play the whole game. ... You wish you could be out there for more so you could bounce back. ... It is what it is. It's the preseason right now, so you just gotta take it in stride."

Garoppolo, a former second round pick of the New England Patriots, was traded to the 49ers in October of 2017 for a second round pick in 2018. He won two Super Bowls behind Tom Brady and the powerhouse that is the New England Patriots. 


Garoppolo signed a massive five year, $137 million contract extension last year, and will be entering his second season of that massive contract once the regular season begins. At the time of its signing, it was the largest contract in NFL history on an annual basis, surpassing that of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. It also has nearly $90 million in guarantees in the first three years, also the largest total in NFL history.

While it's still extremely early, so far it looks like the 49ers could have massively overpaid for the 27 year old quarterback. Preseason games are hardly an indication of how teams will perform in the regular season, as most of the starters tend not to play much, or at all. That said, if Jimmy can't get his act together soon, San Francisco will have a $137 million problem on their hands.

Could we possibly see a reunion between the 49ers and Kaepernick? If Garoppolo can't get it together, I wouldn't completely rule it out.


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