Joe and Mika Caught Airing Pre Taped Post Thanksgiving Show

MSNBC's hosts of the "Morning Joe" show, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have been called out for creating clearly fake news only a day after Thanksgiving. Joe and Mika normally host their show live, five days a week.  Since last week had a holiday you would expect a taped version of their shows, as many other normally live programs do.  Viewers still got a taped show but in a very deceptive way.


There were no disclaimers or any indications that Friday's Morning Joe show was prerecorded other than a sliver-sized "Live" graphic being missing.

The hosts were caught red-handed pretending that they were live in the studio by telling viewers of their Thanksgiving dinner, the football games they saw on Thanksgiving as well as some two-day old news.  

Mika told viewers that it was the day after Thanksgiving and she was absolutely stuffed.

On the second part of their show they kicked it up a notch by digging the hole deeper with Mike talking about how she forgot to move the insides of the turkey prior to cooking it and it still felt cold when she took it out of the oven.  Not to be outdone, Joe kept digging and exclaimed that the football game they watched made up for the kitchen gaffes.

Since this show was taped on Wednesday, and shown on Friday, none of these things can possibly be true.  They even failed to report the biggest story of Friday which was the mosque bombing in Egypt.  Why?  Because it had not happened yet. They lied to the audience most likely to trick them into thinking they were so dedicated to them and the news that they would come to work early after a national holiday to push on.

This, my friends, is just a shamelessly small sample of fake news.

MSNBC declined to comment officially when contacted by other media outlets.  Speaking on the condition of anonymity, someone at MSNBC stated that the whole thing was being blown out of proportion.  The source asked if it would have helped matters if there was a disclaimer.  He opined perhaps it would have, but that in normal circumstances shows do not use explicit disclaimers when a show is not actually live and that the airing of the show was not intended to trick viewers.

Regardless, to sit there and watch people pretend to be live, and be seen blatantly lying about stuff on-air, is a bit disturbing.  If they can do this to us when its so obvious and the intention of the particular show was not for any significantly tangible gain, what else can networks like MSNC lie to us about?  Politics, perhaps?  You bet. 

You can't be stuffed of turkey if you didn't eat it yet!